Getting to grips with social media for B2B

27th February 2020

Gone are the days of asking whether a B2B business should have a social media presence. Today, every B2B business worth their salt will be active on the main social channels - usually with a particular focus on LinkedIn and Twitter, where expert conversations can provide excellent opportunities.

But getting social media right can be tricky, especially when you're used to creating content for more formal channels. It's important to understand how to adapt your tone of voice - to deformalise language without alienating your audience - and how to optimise impact by using imagery and staying within ideal wordcount limits.

In the first instalment of our 'content excellence series', we've created a guide for anyone who has shied away from social in the past, or simply wants to know how to do it more effectively. It covers:

  • crucial things to do before you begin posting
  • tips for adapting your tone of voice
  • up to date character limits
  • 3 things you should always include

Download the Pod Guide to Writing for Social Media now