Building brilliant briefs: our comprehensive guide

13th November 2019

Every great piece of marketing content starts with a careful brief. This is true whether you’re creating a 30 second video, a 1000 word piece of editorial or a 140 character social post. It’s true whether you’re using your in-house team or an external agency, and it’s particularly true if you’re a B2B business with an expert audience. 

Your brief is the first step of a content creation journey. It should set the direction and destination, and give your content creator the confidence to take whatever steps need to come next - which might include conducting expert interviews or desk-based research, as well as providing opportunities for you to give feedback. Get the initial brief right and each of those steps will be faster, easier and probably more pleasant for everyone involved. 

In our experience, businesses often want copy or content without having really considered who they are talking to or what they want to achieve, while others know what they want but have no idea how to relay it to their agency. 

So, we’ve created a guide to the basics of briefing for brilliant content, including key steps such as: 

  1. Starting with the essentials
  2. Communicating your purpose and audience
  3. Outlining inclusions and inspiration
  4. Talking it through

Click here to download the guide!