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Client: Fit For Sport

The brief

Children's activity provider Fit For Sport are passionate about getting more children engaged in regular activity. They wanted to have a louder voice in the debate surrounding children's health and activity, and to make parents aware of the medical recommendations for kid's fitness. To achieve this, they were looking to build up their follower numbers across their social networks, particularly focusing on parents and the health and leisure industry.


The approach

We know that different channels need different strategies, so we began by analysing how Fit For Sport's audience typically used each platform. We found that Twitter was where the industry were discussing issues in realtime, so we ensured that we reacted to daily news, shared articles and expressed opinions on these issues, while engaging with key users. 
Facebook was the best way to reach parents of young children, so we provided exclusive discounts for Facebook followers, fun ideas to get active as a family, and plenty of images to give a flavour of the fun that kids were having at Fit For Sport holiday camps and after school clubs. 


The result

The number of Twitter followers of Fit For Sport grew by over 200%, from 1300 to over 4000 people. They became a key influencer on this platform, with mentions by the media and industry stakeholders in important discussions. 
Fit For Sport's Facebook account also became the top driver of website traffic, due to a combination of organic content and sponsored posts, which reached 700,000 parents. 


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