Design is a crucial part of branding your business. Everything you produce will convey a message to your clients through its design - so you need to ensure that your designs are up to standard. We can design creative that is so consistent and truly reflective of your brand that you would think it had been produced in-house.

Client: Limejump

The brief

Limejump are a demand aggregator who help businesses to capitalise on the value generating benefi ts of demand response schemes, through innovative technology-led solutions Limejump’s existing literature suite did not communicate Limejump’s complex off ering in a tailored nor customer friendly way. 

The approach

The Marketing Pod developed (design and copy) a template and subsequent suite of collateral that enabled its customer segments (brokers, end users and generators) to understand the benefi ts of demand response for their specific businesses. 

The result

A new suite of consistent collateral is now live. The whole project was designed, written and approved on time and to budget. 

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