Design is a crucial part of branding your business. Everything you produce will convey a message to your clients through its design - so you need to ensure that your designs are up to standard. We can design creative that is so consistent and truly reflective of your brand that you would think it had been produced in-house.

Client: Quantum Group

The brief

Redesign HR consultants Quantum’s website to reflect their expertise and appeal to recruiting companies and job seekers alike. The website needed a complete overhaul, including copy, a content management system and integrated social media.

The approach

As well as an engaging visual design, the structure was updated to better showcase Quantum’s range of services and make the site easy to navigate. HR consultancy is a very personal business, so we wanted to include plenty of photography of the team to maximise on that personal service. 

The result

Combining eye-catching design and an intuitive navigation, the final site looks professional, friendly and aligns with Quantum’s values. Following the launch of the new site, Quantum rose up the Google rankings organically. Their website engagement also increased accordingly.

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