Design is a crucial part of branding your business. Everything you produce will convey a message to your clients through its design - so you need to ensure that your designs are up to standard. We can design creative that is so consistent and truly reflective of your brand that you would think it had been produced in-house.

Client: Providence

The brief

Providence work with a large number of independent financial advisers (IFAs) across the globe. As they have a B2B2C model, the literature that Providence provide IFAs with is also given to clients. Ensuring that all of the IFAs were using the correct versions of forms and other collateral was becoming an issue, and The Marketing Pod were hired to create a way for IFAs to ensure that the right versions were used every time. 

The approach

An informal, take away guide was created to provide IFAs with clear instructions on versions. Thumbnail visuals along with links to the correct file make sure that there is no confusion around which version to use for different circumstances. 

The result

The guide is systematically updated and audited every 3 months, and IFAs are now using the correct versions. 

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