Design is a crucial part of branding your business. Everything you produce will convey a message to your clients through its design - so you need to ensure that your designs are up to standard. We can design creative that is so consistent and truly reflective of your brand that you would think it had been produced in-house.

Client: AMP Clean Energy

The brief

After a series of company acquisitions, the AMP Group consolidated all of its subsidiaries under one brand - AMP Clean Energy. They were then keen to rebrand, in order to ensure that the new brand was clearly articulated to the market. The Group’s existing relationship with The Marketing Pod meant we already knew each of their businesses well, so they asked for our strategic support with rebranding.


The approach

We provided AMP Clean Energy with end-to-end support throughout the rebrand process, including:

Engaging with key stakeholders 

With a number of different businesses coming together under the new AMP Clean Energy brand, it was important for everyone to feel involved in the organisation’s evolution. We facilitated on-site workshops with employees across different businesses and departments to get a well-rounded view of their proposition.  

Redefining their position in the market

In consolidating their subsidiaries under one business, AMP Clean Energy was significantly boosting the service it could offer its customers. We needed to ensure the new brand was fully reflective of their increased capabilities, so we used the insights we gained from facilitating the workshops to identify AMP Clean Energy’s key strengths and future aspirations. This enabled us to determine their ideal brand personality.

Bringing the new brand to life

Once we had agreed on this new positioning with AMP Clean Energy’s key stakeholders we developed a new logo and colour palette, along with new messaging for each of the company’s core services. We then updated AMP Clean Energy’s existing collateral with the new visuals and messaging, and created a set of multi-channel customer communications to inform their customers about the rebrand. 


The result

With our support, AMP Clean Energy successfully boosted its brand equity by bringing all of its businesses under one roof. AMP Clean Energy has since been acquired for over £52m by Asterion Industrial Partners. 

Linda Taylor, Group Marketing Director at AMP Clean Energy, said: 

“The team at the Marketing Pod were fundamental in delivering our AMP Clean Energy brand to market in December 2018. They provided us with research-driven, employee and customer-led engagement and strategic support that enabled us to consolidate six brands into one and launch a new market-facing position for the Group.  

“The Marketing Pod also worked closely with us across all customer touchpoints from redesigning all our collateral, creating our pre and post communications and assisting with our digital and social media strategies. Following the rebrand, they helped facilitate our annual marketing planning process and ongoing are enabling our transition to a marketing-led organisation. They are not an extension to my team, but are my team!”


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