Design is a crucial part of branding your business. Everything you produce will convey a message to your clients through its design - so you need to ensure that your designs are up to standard. We can design creative that is so consistent and truly reflective of your brand that you would think it had been produced in-house.

Client: 2Spec

The brief

The 2Spec Group needed an engaging brand and website that was as professional as the service they deliver. They enlisted The Marketing Pod to evolve and extend the brand, enabling them to focus on building their business.

The approach

The Marketing Pod took the time to get to know the business, the target audience and the services provided by 2Spec. Their audience includes transmissions experts, motor sport engineers as well as large vehicle firms and historic vehicle enthusiasts, so it was important that the visuals were exciting and appealing as much as they were technically accurate. We created a simple, impactful logo that would work in machining as well as online, going on to design their website end to end.

High visual impact was important to demonstrate 2Spec’s absolute passion for the design side of the industry, as well as their high calibre engineering credentials, within the company’s three primary businesses areas: Design, Transmissions and Historic vehicles. This was achieved through the use of stylised, aspirational photography coupled with powerful graphics and messaging – many of which were taken by the 2psec team themselves! 

The result

A professional website that enables 2Spec to engage and inform through blogs and media posts, as well as provide technical product specifications to each of their three distinct markets.

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