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Client: Xoserve

The brief

Xoserve, the Central Data Service Provider for the gas industry, provides training for gas professionals who are looking to develop their understanding of how different elements of the industry work together and how their role impacts the wider industry. Training topics are often complex, technical and functional, so it typically takes place face-to-face.

Xoserve wanted to build its self-serve capabilities for customers, enabling customers to locate, work through and absorb information outside of formal face-to-face training sessions. To support this a new approach was required to make training materials accessible remotely.

The approach

Step 1: Optimising for online engagement

Xoserve’s first priority was to update their Customer Induction Day pack, which is used as part of an all-day training event for newcomers to the gas industry.

We began by breaking down the full pack into a series of topic-led chapters. We then considered the best way to communicate the key messages within each chapter, identifying the ideal marketing asset for the content of each chapter and ensuring there was a mix of materials to help keep audiences engaged.

Step 2: Accessible content

As different people respond to different learning techniques, a blended learning approach was the best way forward. We replaced the 86-page deck with:

  • 2 x explainer videos; one on the history of the gas industry and one on the gas network
  • 3 x infographics; one detailing all of the stakeholders in the industry, one providing detail on different meter types and sites and one that provides an overview of Xoserve's services, systems & contact points
  • 1 x process booklet, designed to share detailed information in an accessible and visual way

In each asset, we focused on breaking down the complex information involved into easy-to-digest, accessible content that was well-suited to an online audience.

The result

Xoserve’s training team launched the new materials online, hosting a homepage takeover week and carrying out a social campaign to promote them to a wider audience. The training team has also been using their new assets within their face-to-face training days and have been delighted by the response from their customers.

The Induction Day training materials have been so well received by Xoserve and its customers that The Marketing Pod was subsequently tasked with overhauling two of their more detailed and technical training modules.

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