Our services

We’re a fully integrated B2B marketing and PR agency - with a full range of services that can be shaped around your individual needs.

Our team has been carefully selected to ensure that we have expertise in every aspect of marketing and PR. We all have in-house experience within B2B organisations, which has enabled us to tailor our services to the unique needs of businesses within the B2B space.

So whether you’re looking for capable copywriters or savvy strategists, you’ll find what you need at The Marketing Pod.

A pick’n’mix approach

When it comes to marketing and PR, we’re not picky - we can support you with the full range of marketing and PR services. However, we understand you might need to be a little more choosy about which services you use, which is why we give all our clients the option to work with us on a ‘pick n’ mix’ basis.

That means that if you’re just looking for our help with just one aspect of your marketing plan, such as running your social media strategy or creating a content plan, our team are on hand to help. Similarly, if you need to build a brand strategy or create a completely integrated marketing plan from scratch, we’re ready to become an extension of your team and provide you with invaluable support.

Here are the services we offer - take a look and then let us know how we can help.

Not sure which services would most benefit your business?

Give us a call on +44 (0)1564 742 848 and we can talk through how we can help your organisation